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What Are Same Day Crowns (CEREC)?

Do you need a crown to strengthen, restore or enhance your tooth? Same-day crowns (CEREC) offered by your Houma, LA, dentist, Dr. Corey Porche of Porche Dental Care offer a convenient restoration option.

CEREC crowns streamline the restoration process

If you received a crown in the past, you probably visited the dentist's office twice. The first visit included the preparation of your tooth and a putty impression. Your dentist then sent the impression to the dental laboratory that would make your crown. In about two weeks, you returned to the office and received your permanent crown.

The CEREC process ends the wait for permanent crowns by giving dentists the tools they need to make crowns in their offices. In fact, your new crown is created at the Houma, LA, dental office while you wait.

Same-day crowns offer these benefits:

  • A More Comfortable Impression Process: After your dentist reduces the size of your tooth, he makes an impression of your mouth. Impressions are an important part of the crown creation process and ensure a comfortable fit for your restoration. In the past, putty impressions were the only option. In addition to being messy, putty impressions could be hard to tolerate if you had a sensitive gag reflex. The CEREC process is completely computerized, including crown impressions. Your dentist uses a comfortable intraoral digital scanner instead of putty to make your impression. The scan only takes a few seconds, produces a realistic 3D image of your mouth, and won't make you gag.
  • Excellent Fit: CAD/CAM technology makes it much easier to make crowns that fit perfectly and look completely natural. As soon as your dentist is satisfied with the design, he sends it to the in-office milling machine. The machine produces the custom crown by removing layers from a block of ceramic or resin.
  • No More Temporary Crowns: A temporary crown covered your tooth during the wait for porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Although the crowns made chewing possible, you had to avoid sticky or hard foods that might loosen or damage the temporary crown. Fortunately, there's no longer a need for temporary crowns, thanks to the introduction of same-day crowns.

Improve your smile with same-day CEREC crowns! Call (985) 876-5564 to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Houma, LA, Dr. Porche of Porche Dental Care.

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